[tmux:tickets] #185 Memory usage grows with terminal resizing
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Franz Fellner
2015-04-14 06:34:26 UTC

** [tickets:#185] Memory usage grows with terminal resizing**

**Status:** open
**Created:** Tue Apr 14, 2015 06:34 AM UTC by Franz Fellner
**Last Updated:** Tue Apr 14, 2015 06:34 AM UTC
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To reproduce, you will have to run tasks which frequently update the screen. I did this by running "LC_NUMERIC_C top -d 0.2" in one tab and a long running compilation process (with VERBOSE=1) in another tab. It makes sense to setup a shortcut in your DE to maximize/unmaximize windows in order to be able to do the resizes quickly.
With time memory usage increases. The acceleration depends on your history-limit. I use 30000, but this bug is even reproducable with a setting of "0"!
It does not help to close the tabs that produced the output. Memory is freed after the last session gets closed.
Also it seems like tmux "holds" the memory. Cleaning the history does not make it available for other processes immediately. I entered a state where my PC basically was unusable as tmux occupied ~80% of my RAM (I have 4GB). I had to forcefully shutdown X [CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE] and then kill every single tmux session by hand. This was the first time I realised this issue.

I use awesome wm, mostly with tiling mode "magnifier", where I have the currently focused window in the foreground (always fixed size) and the other windows get tiled in the background (all equal size). Changing the active window then of course triggers a resize event.
I use terminal apps for most of my tasks (mail, mpd client, file browser, programming, ...), and I spread them all over my workspaces. Compiling things gets quite stressful if you always have to keep track of the memory consumption of tmux.
Having to shutdown all tmux session somehow is in stark contrast to the concept tmux ;) (IMHO).
As I tend to let my laptop run for long periods I often see this issue (and have to kill sessions). If I run big updates on my Gentoo Box I can be sure that I have to kill sessions afterwards :/


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