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2015-05-09 14:30:37 UTC

** [tickets:#193] Please Help Devs**

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**Created:** Sat May 09, 2015 02:30 PM UTC by tmuxothy
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I think tmux is an amazing program, I think many would say it is feature complete, has awesome performance, and excellent documentation. Its pretty much a perfect program.

My favourite part is the customization. I wrote a script to sort my bash history and remove duplicates and I go through it to have my favorite commands at the top. I then use this file for the list that I feed into the choose-list command. I am constantly using this command to bring up my list of commands and paste them into the shell with 'tmux send', I use this command every time I use the shell. I have definitely used this command thousands of times.

I'm sure you have your reasons for removing, but I emplore you to change your mind. I use arch linux mostly and its a huge hastle if even possible to use out of date packages.

I also use monitor-content alot, specifically when I use yaourt because it will ask a question then download or compile a program, then ask another question whens its done. In the case of compiling on a raspberry pi it can easily be an hour between questions. Its great knowing when the question pops up.

I know I could write a script using the dialog command and tee in a creative way, but even if I get the same functionality it wont be as smooth, or fast (it can take a few seconds to open a new window on a pi but choose-list is instant), or simple as choose-list and monitor-content.

I wish I could help code but my coding knowledge is very basic. It seems crazy to me to remove features from a pretty much perfect program, easily my favorite. Tmux could stay the same for the next twenty years and I would still smile every time I use it.

Thank you.


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